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What You Should Know About Web Surfing

It is important to understand that nothing on the internet is completely anonymous. Much of what you do does has an element of anoniminty but given the correct tools, access and determination, that veil can be removed. The reason why I place your IP address at the bottom of this page is to remind you of this.

This page is still under construction and it will be dedicated in helping internet users learn the inherit risks of surfing the web.

Your computer itself stores alot of information about your websurfing habits sometimes including previous passwords and other sensitive information. This information can be used to impersonate you. Additionally, some people may find themselves in situations where they could be placed in danger if an abusive or controlling person in your life has access to your web history. If this applies to you, please visit the London Abused Women's Centre for more information about how to clear your web history (and while you are there you can read about how to make yourself safer in other aspects of your life).

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